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Safely bring employees, students, families
and contacts back to work, school and
university from anywhere in the world
during the COVID-19 Pandemic

All information is kept private and used for the sole purpose of maintaining your Safe Zone. All contact tracing uses the phone's internal ID number
and not personal contact information.

Safe Zones - Badge Only version

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What is Safe Zones?

Echo Messaging Systems Safe Zones™ is a system using our AI-based ADIN™ Agents to allow users to designate a physical area as Protected, serve as a contact tracing system, track temperatures for early fever detection, and other useful features.

The contact dashboard will show you information about an individual such as their test results and average temperature when you scan them into your Safe Zone

The contact dashboard will show you information about O2 saturation, heart rate and pulse intensity %

Protecting an Area

Quickly scan a QR code to determine whether anyone has had tests come back positive or if they had contact with someone Covid-19 positive before entry. Safe Zones can handle large amounts of people coming or going without cumbersome wait times, and can sync up with existing contact data to make starting up even easier. Safe Zones will let you know who needs what tests and when, as well as keeping track of expiration dates.

The Mobile App - your contacts will show this when entering your Safe Zone

The Mobile App - monitor temperature, Oxigen saturation, Heart Rate and Pulse Intensity %


On top of initial testing, making sure people stay healthy is of the utmost importance. That’s why Safe Zones monitors and tracks all Covid-19 tests, screenings, expiration dates and temperature checks. The Program will also send out automated reminders before test expiration dates on top of updating users on any critical info. Safe Zones also has an early fever detection function, using automation to gauge if peoples reported temperatures are rising in a way that could mean a fever.

View all your contacts applicable Covid-19 data in one place


Select the report type of contact, test, message.Next, select optional filters such as date range, Safe Zone contact status, if messages were received, or opened, if tests were taken or passed, by tags, and more. Actions on report results can be to print badges, send a broadcast email or text message, or set everyone to a specific Safe Zone status. Reports include charts, graphs and item details.

Reports to have full insight into your contacts, messages, tests and all aspects of your account


You can change tests, screening questions, and requirements anytime - all contact statuses are instantly updated. With everyone's information located in one place it makes it possible to get insight into everyone’s status with one barcode scan of a Health Badge or Mobile App. Make decisions based on facts such as test results, expiration dates, and automated fever tracking. All in a plan that fits your needs.

You can scan up to 30 contacts per minute per station. With 2 stations at the front door to your office building or school, SZ quick scan can record temperature and check in contacts at a rate of 300 contacts in 5 minutes

Create a Safe Zone Plan

Click on the window below to view a presentation that shows you how to create a plan using Safe Zones to ensure your work, school and home are safe.

How Safe Zones Works

Companies, schools, municipalities, and families can sign up for a Safe Zones plan that covers all of their employees, students, and staff. Users will sign up for an account and all of their contacts are given a QR code tied to their account which is found on the Safe Zones mobile app and website. Then, connect to your contacts through live connection to your contact management database or drag and drop CSV export files.

Define which tests you require to enter your Safe Zone - or use the default tests that come with your account.

Scan your contacts QR code as they enter your Safe Zones to know their current status for tests. Safe Zones uses ADIN - AI automation engine to handle all automation with connections to contacts, all communications and reminders with contacts, and verifies every person entering the areas you are protecting.

Personal, Family, Educational, Corporate, and Enterprise accounts available.

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Safe Zones Mobile App for all Contacts

Echo Messaging Systems, Inc. / Safe Zones does not use any personal information for the Geo Tracking that is displayed in the Mobile app and used for contact tracing. Safe Zones uses the phone's internal ID number only.

Safe Zones Features:

Fast and Easy

Safe Zones is easy to setup and use and allows users to scan in many people quickly, knowing who is safe to enter

Keep Your Employees Safe

Have peace of mind knowing you are protecting your employees and students, and they can keep track of their own Covid-19 information

All Your Data in One Place

All data including test results, who has been scanned in, and more are automatically uploaded so its easy and simple to view all your important data

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